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petite and cute

Because it is petite and light, it's easy to dress up. Real makeup is wonderful and cute so I shoot a lot.

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118cm-A30 (Fujii Kanon) Love Doll
New 148cm-D60 (hime)

Anyway cute!!
The makeup is really awesome!
Also, I made it a jelly chest, but the feeling is the best.

New 148cm-D60 (hime)
It was a kind response

I was saved with a very kind response. I also like the head very much with the polite making. I'm also expecting the n sexy dolls japan ext work

108CM-A129 (Yukina) Luxury Silicone Head Love Doll
I bought it for the first time

When will you receive a purchase request on HP direct sales early morning at the end of the mont silicone doll women h on 30th? I thought it would be impossible for 7 days indeed, but it arrived in the 9th noon. I arrived unexpectedly early. Do you like the silicone silicone love doll japan face and what's the real thing? Worry was useles sex doll blowjob s and very beautiful face and body. I made it a type that can take feet just in case, but it m make anime doll ight have been a bit good if you chose to hide the place where y real silicone love ou can't take your foot because it's a bed with storage. hair color gray? silver? But it's cute, but I can sex simulator free for android 't do black hair because of flocking, so I would like to buy onl realdoll action y the face. I just came yet, but in the future it seems to be able to enjoy cosplay etc.

New 150CM-D63 (Uehara Yuko)
It's super real.

I'm a really cute daughter. The meat feeling is also good and I am very satisfied that you can buy it at this pri fake dolls for sale ce. I feel the height of technology.

New 130cm (D25) -Craft
It's cute.

I bought it for viewing on Amazon. I ordered indep talking blow up doll endence, but unfortunately it was different. But I'm happy because it's cute.

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New 148cm-D60 (hime)
I think it's pretty good

Purchased via Amazon
I used this chat in conjunction wit simulation sex h Amazon for the question. Reply is pretty fast, but can't you help it with inwords to the question? There is best quality sex a significant gap between Amazon's delivery date and the actua sex sim download l delivery date. Well arrived early so is ok?
I also sent you a photo before shipment and the contents are no problem. The packing was also firmer than I thought. I think that the attached wig is bad, so I think it is better to buy it s young love dolls eparately. Put it out for the time being, wash it, powder it, put on your head and put on your outfit for the time being...
oh good. It's got.
Since it was the first doll, I looked at various manufacturers and considered it, but this is satisfied because the body adults doll modeling and the head that was not too real were good. I have a lot of criticiz used latino dollss for sale ed writes, but I don't think it's so bad.

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New 148cm-D60 (hime)
Overall satisfaction is h erotic doll igh.

I was able to buy it at an affordable price.
The packaging was good and the main body was no problem The face was the same as the picture.

108cm (A132) hyper realistic sex doll Biyu Love Doll
New 130cm (D25) -Craft
Shin. Qing
Gei-chan's impressions

very cute good doll

New 130cm (D25) -Craft
It looks like UPS carried me politely.

The rich hips are impressive. However, the balance between body and limbs is good, so it is not funny. The cut of the wig www realdoll is a bit halfway. If the head is a little bigger, I thin dolls for teens k it will be more real japanese cute doll istic. Also, I think it's better to have a smile on your mouth. (More than that, personal preference.)
Your work has good cost performance. Thank you very much.

130CM- (D29) Tiny Tits Ayaka
Bon Cubbon's beauty!

The default set comes with a brown hair and a light purple wig.

I was lying for a long time in the warehouse, or a little sorry that black oil was stuck on the toes and fingers of the hands...

I bought a cleansing oil sex doll for female and dropped it quite a bit.

However, in the real world, it is difficult to be a beautiful woman with such a style so I can be pretty anime sex online excited!

Boobs don't drip even in normal position!

Since it was 33 km, it is difficult to handle for beginners. My height is 180 cm and the doll is 150 cm. So if you stand and line up, asian sex toy you will get the impression that the doll is low, so I plan to buy a doll of higher height nex anime japanese love doll t time is

Black hair, bought a wig, as shown in the photo, approached a black hai solid silicone dolls r beauty in the nurse, but there is also an impression that the way of applying light and makeup are slightly diff latex sex dolls erent.

On the first day, I thought that I failed a lot of we male sex mannequin ight and joint stiffness, but after playing for a few days, I realized the fun gradually.

I'm afraid of color transfer and I haven't been able to wear much clothes yet, but eventually I would real made sex like you to wear a variety of clothes.

The cowgirl was also 33 kg and had a moderate weight feeling and it was the best.

After that, I have a big penis size and condoms are al latino dolls knock off so using mega big boy.

It hurts even if the majority of girls put it slowly, but if you use lotion, the dol realdolls faq l does not hurt so that point was also good.

If you look at it seriously, makeup m asian silicone sex doll ay have a deep impression, but people who like this type of face may be good.

After that I bought it by order without going through Amazon, but due to customs doll love duties and other delivery fees or something, the amount of the doll-chan's body charge is increased by about japanese sex bot 10,000 yen in addition to 65,000 yen and the credit card has been charged... (China tariff even by courier? paid 1100 yen as)

Well, satisfaction is quite high because it is still far cheaper than other ma diy silicone love doll nufacturers!

I had a hard time carrying it to my room on the second floor, so people with no physical strength may have a hard d sexy silicone sex dolls oll.

According to one theory, even if you change the height of the doll, the length of the torso does not change much, only the length of the limbs changes.

Hope this review helps a little bit!

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New 150CM-D63 (Uehara Yuko)
softer than I thought

I received it in 10 days from the shipping notification. It may have taken some time due to corona related.
pretty cute. I almost did not smell bad. The skin is also smooth. Be careful not to get scratches because it is soft. Because it is fair, I guarded it with white underwear, adult doll toys white blouses and knee-high socks and then dressed in colored costumes.
I like the doll that has a feeling of meat throughout. It is a quality that I can't think of 50,000 yen.
It's a bit heavy so you'll need to handle it so as not to damage your lower back.

New 130cm (D25) -Craft
It was as expected!

Recommended for products that are satisfying!

Buy as YOKI second body

I wanted to try a different mold from the last time and I customized the reverse of each one, but I tpr material price chose a hollow chest but it turned into a jelly chest. I don't know if I ebony real sex didn't make it real makeup, but I also bothered about the bleed smell. The included underwear also doesn tpe doll review 't fit this size and I can't wear it. H mannequin sex dolls owever, the feeling inside of the stick is amazing as it i dolls boobs s real, and the buttocks are plump and good. After all, it is easy to try changing position with this size. It is suitable for playing black gal with wheat skin.

108cm-A8# (Sakurako) Huge Tits Lolidor
Well cute!

It's cute. It's pretty soft, so I'm worried about holding it. Just change the wig to change your impression. The subject is as per the image!
if it is not there 5 stars!?

New 130cm (D25) -Craft
I'm very satisfied!

I was attracted to the gimmick of the hymen and was hastily pochi. I' hot simulator sex m stuck with a film firmly! But when I tried to insert it, I wondered what would it do with this lotion. I can't put love dolls silicone lotion inside so I can't put lotion inside. Well, the first insert would have to apply lotion to my son. I feel wasteful because it is a g tpe material meaning immick that you can only enjoy the first time glittering, but the hall itself is pretty good Hebirote confirmed. The double structure of McCO sxy doll S has no real feeling and can be highly recommended. In addition, the package is excellent every time and I am very satisfied.

“Hymen” - (QY425)
My first love doll.

First of all really beautiful!! Modeling is too real to suck silicone vs tpe in the back womb and it feels very good! There is no bad smell so the room will never smell! I did a very good shoppi super sexy doll ng! It seems to be in non latex vibrators debted for a long It's a good product to buy absolutely.

New 146cm-D60 #巨乳 (Kaoru)
Up to the mouth, too real!

To my mouth, it was real, so excited. The price was reasonable, and the staff correspondence was very good and android sexbot I was able to do a good super realistic sex dolls shopping! Thankyou

QY-530 masturbation
I tried breaking the hymen!

The moment I broke the hymen, it was inserted deeply like splashing, and it was very pleasant. I also wanted to buy it and experience it. yea ~ it was feeling good!

“Hymen” - (QY425)
can you enjoy it?

It was quite real and fit well, I was satisfied firmly and enjoyed it. I would like to challenge other products too!

Experience your first humanoid o guy sex dolls naoh.

I was very real and excited for t female doll for men he price. A little m china ore, boobs, but softer, it was even better. Considering the price, it is satisfaction MAX.

Experience a lip baubo

Than I thought, it was real, insertion feeling was also good, I enjoyed it very much.

New 148cm-D60 (hime)
Nori. Temple.

Chinese produce looks like kebah, but makeu love dollz p is gentle and very cute than the image.

New 148cm-D60 (hime)


130CM- (D29) Tiny Tits Ayaka
it was good to buy

I was worried about my first doll purchase, but it arrived smoothly a week aft chubby bbw sex er ordering without problems.
As often said, the doll is more cute than the picture.
I was prepared to some extent bleed and smells, but it is no beat at all.
The wig is also soli sex doll purchase d.
Jelly breasts and joints are a little real asian sex hard but are you familiar with them?
The weight is gilarious even for beginners.
The only feature of “craft” with thigh meat i aex dolls s not found in other cheap compact dolls.
I would like to buy it again at YOKI.

New 130cm (D25) -Craft


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