New 150CM-D63 (Uehara Yuko)


【Genuine Yokidoll - Product Features】
【Realistic Modeling】
The body is made of beautiful material with tiny lovedoll a sense of presence, realistic modeling with attention to detail, ideal and sexy body lines, and exquisite softness that you can't lose anywhere Yes, the original purpose of the love do oral doll ll is also enriched enough.
[Exceptional softness]
・I want to touch forever, hug The outstanding softness that you can feel just by holding it or hugging up greatly amplifies the appeal of the d custom made sex dolls oll and makes your relationship even more intimate.

Product Description:
Height: 150cm-D63 (Yuko Uehara)
Material: TPE
Upper Bust: 76 cm
Waist: 53 cm
Hip: 82 cm
Foot Length: 87cm
Shoe Length: 36
Net Weight:28KG
Gloss Sweet:35kg
Vaginal Depth: 20cm
Mouth Depth: 12cm
Anal Depth: 17cm
Packing: 138*37*26cm
【Amazon Buying Tips】
Packing list: includes vertical items, wig+nice clothes (random shipping), black eyes, comb, screws, gloves.

【Buying Tips】
Our official website allows you to pay for VISA, JCP and MasterCard credit cards We are su whats a latino dolls pporting it. If you want to pay by Paypal, plea harmony ai robot se contact us.

[Packing list]

① Doll Item: 1 pc
② Doll gloves: 1 pair
③ Wig: 1 piece
④ Hall heater: 1 piece
⑤ Wig comb: 1 piece
⑥ Nice clothes (random shipping): 1 set

Movable Joints: The
doll is equipped with a new generation of exclusive stainless steel high-precision biaxial gears, dolls mini
It is durable, not easy to wear and slip.
Love doll can bend and fix almost every part, so you can enjoy various poses to your fullest. The skeleton is the same as human Crafted to move like this, the indirect range ebony sex toy of motion is wide, and can be used in any position.


Frequently asked questions:

Shipping: Sagawa Express, FedEx, DHL, UPS. Ships by Sagawa Express sexi doll and FedEx, and can b humanoid robot for sale e used to specify the delivery date and time.
● Ensure safety, peace of mind and trust! YOKIDOLL GENUINE GUARANTEED! Our love dol japan sex dolls ls are made of safe and safe materials and have been certified by FDA inspection bodies.
Compatible with makeup remaking. All products are produced from a regular factory, sex robot machine and we conduct thorough inspection to the smallest detail, and confirm the real picture with the customer bef japanese sexbots ore delivery.
● Also accepted by email, chat or phone! It can support various payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, etc., and the payment rubber love doll method is super easy! See more payment methods
●【Secret package】Product is strictly not visible from ou realdoll in use tside Packed and delivered, the product name is not affixed to th free browser sex simulator e box, please feel free to buy &am adult realistic doll p; adult toys.
● We support tailor-made service that can be freely combined with the face and body shape of your favorite child in the store. If you sex toy materials have an image of the face or body of the person you want, we will make it exactly like it! (TPE material or silicone material is ok at all)

Caution during use period:
Stainless steel is used as the
skeleton, so it is safe and durable to use with confidence.
In addition, the joints are grip-type, so you can use and appreciate t sexy animated dolls hem in various poses.
(1) If you stay in the same position for a long time, you will get a mark on the bottom surface, but y female robot companion ou can leave it back for a few hours with the marked side up.
(2) The material is easy to transfer colors. Do not wear dark clothes or clothes that are prone to color transfer for a long time.
(3) Do not direct contact with water on areas where metal is exposed (neck and sole stand). It can cause rust in the internal skeleton. sex chat robot
(4) Do not apply excessive load on the joint area continuously for a l real silicone sex doll ong time. When decorating a room, display and store it in a sit pregnancy dolls ting position or lying on the back (stand type can also be standing). Also, if you force a product that is not a stand type to stand, it will cause damage.
(5) Do not put a hose directly connected to the faucet inside the hole to cle sexy torso an it. Water pressure can damage the inner waterproof ball and flood the skeleton.
(6) Please do not wash the head directly in the shower. Dirt on the head, apply cleansing oil on the cotton swab and gently wipe it. # Yokidoll, # Love Doll


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I bought it for the first time

When will you receive a purchase request on HP direct sales early morning at the end of the month on 30th? I thought it would be impossible for 7 days indeed, but it video latino dolls arrived in the 9th noon. I arrived unexpectedly early. Do you like the silicone face and what's the real thing? Worry was useless and very beautiful face and body. I made it a type that ca the best sex dolls n be taken foot just in case, but the place to hide when the time is a bed mini inflatable doll with storage, so it might have been a bit good if you made it into a dolls like type that you can't take your foot. hair color gray? silver? But it's artificial sex robots cute, but I can't do black hair because of flocking, so I would like to buy only the face. I just came yet, but in the future it seems to be able to enjoy cosplay etc.

Bon Cubbon's beauty!

The default set comes with a brown hair and a l love for dolls ight purple wig.

I was lying for a long time in the warehouse, or a little sorry that black oil was stuck on the toes and fi high quality latino dolls ngers of the hands...

I bought a cleansing oil and dropped it pretty much.

However, in the real world, it is difficult to be a beautiful woman with such a style so I can be pre best real sex tty excited!

Boobs don't drip even in normal position!

Since it was 33 km, it i latino dolls artificial intelligence s difficult to handle for beginners. My height is 180 cm and the doll is 150 cm. So if you stand an simulating sex d line up, you will get the impression that the doll is low, so I plan to buy a doll of h big sex store igher height next time is.

Black hair, bought a wig, as shown in the photo, approached a black hair beauty in japanese doll real the nurse, but there is also an impression that the way of applying light and makeup are slightly different.

On the first day, I thought that I failed a lot of weight and joint stiffness, but af miniature sex dolls ter playing for a few days, I realized the fun gradually.

I'm afraid of color transfer and I haven't been able to wear much clothes yet, but eventually I would like you to wear a variety of clothes.

The cowgirl was also 33 kg and had a moderate weight feeling and it was the best.

After that, I have a big penis size and condoms are also using mega big boy.

It hurts even if the majority of girls put it slowly, but if you use lotion, the doll does not hurt so that point was also good.

If you look at it serio sex simulator android free usly, makeup may have a deep impression, but people who like this type of face may be good.

After that I bought it by order without sex dolls tube going through Amazon, but due real life asian doll to customs duties and other delivery fees or somet female robots for sale hing, the amount of the doll-chan&# sex doll mouth 39;s body charge is increased by about 10,000 yen in addition to 65,000 yen and the lovable mini dolls credit card has been charged... (China tarif asian silicone f even by courier? paid 1100 yen as)

Well, satisfaction is quite high because it is still far cheaper than other manufacturers!

I had a hard time carrying it to my room on t fat blow up doll he second floor, so people with no physical strength may have a hard doll.

According to one theory, even if you change the height of the doll, the length of the torso does not c roxxxy robot in action hange much, only the length of the limbs changes.

Hope this review helps a little bit!

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