1. What is the difference between a removab most realistic sex toy le vagina and a fixed, integrated vagina ?

The fixed vagina is like a real woman, and the vagina is incorporated into the doll. A removable vagina can be inserted into silicone doll woman the doll or removed from the doll. The removable vagina is inserted int family sex simulator apk o the puppet's vagina wi sexx doll th a soft inverter and fixed in the right position with the labia after entering.

Which one is better? Most customers like the built-in vagina, which can provide the most realistic experience, but the removable vagina is easy to clean and replace. If you focus on a comp realistic male dolls letely realistic experience, you want a built-in vagina. If you want somet adult realistic doll hing that can be easily removed and cleaned after use, I think a removable vagina is good.

2. How does my doll match the photo on the website ?

We are the manufacturer of sex dolls, so all the images on our website mi latino dolls are our own products. In other words, all dolls are handmad real male sex dolls e. There are subtle differences, but usually there is no obvious discrimination.

3. Do I need to pay import tax ?

Depending on the laws of your country, you may need to pay import d cyberskin sex dolls uties, but they are already included in our selling price. The price charged by YOKIDOLL includes the cost of the product, shipping and other import duties, so you do not have to pay a blow up dolls adult ny other import duties.

4. What does “Pending Fulfillment” mean in my order status ?

If your order is “Pending Fulfillment”, it means that we have already received the amount you paid and are processing your order.

Usually it takes about 1-2 business days to produce the goods. Since our products require complex manufacturing processes, everything is ready and we will notify you before sh male love dolls ipping so you don't cheap silicone sex dolls have to worry.

5. Is the doll eye moving? Can you change your eyes?

Our doll eyes have been installed standard, but we have a mechanism (easy to change).

There is a special plastic cover on the back of the sphere to make it easier to move the doll eye.

6. What part of sex is there ?

3 hole structure, oral, butt and pussy can also be sex.

7. What's the packing? Also, will you ship it without being barreled?

It will be delivered strictly packed in your own cardboard box, and will be shipped without the contents and the product name.

8. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order after you purchase and before shipping the product, but you will not be able to refund it once you have purchased, received, and used the product. Due to hygi how to make a love doll ene, second-hand products are not eligible for ai doll love doll refunds.










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