116cm (A28) hyper realistic sex doll -

(Authentic Yokidoll) Realistic modeling, soft hugging, each doll is handmade by artisans. You will be amazed by its realistic modeling. And above all, soft hugging that makes sexy doll bases use of the characteristics of TPE. Dolls california love dolls not only give you sexual pleasure, but also a peaceful life with you.
Product Description:
Height: 116cm hyper realistic sex doll (A28#)
Bust on TPE :54cm
lower bust: 52cm
Waist: 50cm
Hip: 70cm
Foot: 16cm
Shoe Length: 26
Net Weight:16.76KG
Gross Sweet:22kg
Vaginal Depth: 16cm
mouth depth: 11cm
Anal depth: 14cm

Remark: If you purchase on Amazon, you need to choose a d female torso latex etachable vagina, please let us know in the remarks column sexy dollz of your order or by email.

● Packing list: includes vertical items, wig+nice clothes (random shipping), black eyes, comb, screws, gloves.

[Packing list]

① Doll Item: 1 pc
② Doll gloves: 1 pair
③ Wig: 1 piece
④ Hall heater: 1 piece
⑤ Wig comb: 1 piece
⑥ Nice clothes (random shipping): 1 set

Movable Joints: The
doll is equipped with a new generation of exclusive stainless steel high-precision biaxial gears,
It is durable, not easy to wear and slip.
Love doll can bend and fix almost every part, so you can enjoy various poses to your fullest. The skeleton is t silicone real sex doll he same as human Crafted to move like this, the indirect range latino dolls from china of motion is wide, and can be us man dolls ed in any position.


Frequently asked questions:

●Shipping: Sagawa Express, FedEx, DHL, UPS. Ships by Sagawa Express and FedEx, and can be used to specify the delivery date and time.
● Ensure safety, peace of mind and trust! YOKIDOLL genuine product warranty! Our love dolls are made of safe and safe materials and have been certified by FDA inspection bodies.
Compatible with makeup remaking. All products are produced from a regular factory, and we conduct thorough inspection to the smallest detail and confirm the real picture with the customer before delivery.
● Also accepted by email, chat or phone! It can support various payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, etc., and the payment method is super easy! See more payment methods
【Secret package】Product is strictly not visible from outside Packed and dolls that look real for sale delivered, the product name is not affixed to the box, please feel free to buy & adult toys.
● Support tailor-made service that can be freely combined with your favorite child's face and body shape at t doll love real he store. If you have an image of the face or body of the person you want, we will make it exactly like japanese latino dolls price it! (TPE material or sili humanoid robots for sale cone material is ok at all)

Caution during use period:
Stainless steel is used as the
skeleton, so it is safe and durable to use with confidence.
In addition, the joints are grip-type, so you can use and appreciate them in various poses.
(1) If you stay in the same position for a long time, you will get a mark on the bottom surfa silicone sex ce, but you can leave it back for a few hours with the marked side up.
(2) It is a material that is easy to transfer colors. small sex dolls Do not wear dark clothes or clothes that are prone to color transfer for a long time.
(3) Do not direct contact with water on areas where metal is exposed (neck and sole stand). It can cause rust in the internal s mini sex keleton.
(4) Do not apply excessive load on the joint area continuously for a long time. When dec buy harmony robot orating a room, display and store it in a sitting position or lyi doll for adult ng on the back (stand type can also be standing). Also, if you force a product that i celebrity dolls s not a stand type to stand, it will cause damage.
(5) Do not put a hose directly connected to the faucet inside the h sex dummy ole to clean it. Water pressure can damage the inner waterproof ball and flood the skeleton.
(6) Please do not wash the head directly in the shower. Dirt on the head, apply cleansing oil on the cotton swab and gently wipe it.
#Yokidoll love doll

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's a kawaii child.

I was impressed. It's so cute.
You won't get bored even if you ho latino dollss love ld the size just right all the time.
I also want to take a lot of transcriptions � silicone body doll �

Just a nice doll

I used to own a doll of 148CMeCup, but due to various circumstances, I let go and greeted you here.
When it was 148 cm, it was heavy and handling was hard, but everything is well balanced and t girls sex dolls here is no dissatisfaction at all.
I thought that there would be less fun because there is no chest, but my thighs, buttocks, and stomach are whimsy and feeling insignificant.
Yokidoll's quick and polite response was also good.
It was hard this year with only hard things, but it has been healed thanks to Chan.


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